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In my experience with this (I am not a doctor) I think ankle braces are a pretty big farce.  I’d imagine if I were to roll my ankle in a brace the force would find its way somewhere else — perhaps higher up in the ankle.  While wearing it during the times that catastrophe does not occur you are limiting your range of motion in which case I could imagine that causing your mechanics to be compromised.  

As far as a heel on a shoe, I think the only thing that does is shield pain feedback from your heel striking.  Walking and Running are very easy ways to train and develop sustainable landing mechanics.  However, in the environment of a sport — I think all that training goes out the window.  
I went through a period of time with zero drop shoes and then went to play basketball and I couldn’t stop heel striking even with all the development time that I had.  Heel striking in Zero drop shoes is what you want to avoid.
I’d like to hear more about ankle support though