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AvatarBailey Martinez

I got a response from my PT friend out in California about the subject. If any other PT’s have an opinion on the matter, I’m eager to hear and learn from it. 🙂

Since jumping is something where controlling your own body is at an all time high,
and your legs have to control up to 7 times your body weight in jumping
exercises, I wouldn’t want anything to interfere with the body’s mechanics. 

People use them in Olympic lifting for a few reasons. One being they allow the trunk
to be more upright during the lift. The shoes put the lower extremity in a
position that eliminates the need for hip flexion and dorsiflexion and puts
that excess flexion all into the knee. This is advantageous when there is
weight racked on the shoulders or overhead because now the lifter can have a
vertical torso to better absorb the weight.

my opinion zero drop shoes are advantageous for all sports and recreational
activities. Also, the higher the heel is in a shoe, the more at risk they are
for rolling their ankle.  Of course, some people’s bodies may not be ready
for a zero drop shoe, but that should be the end goal. In my opinion, the Nike
Basketball Kobe series of shoes have been the best volleyball shoe to ever hit
the market. The things I like about this shoe is that it has a low heel,
minimal drop, minimal toe spring (curling up of the shoe at the toes – this
stretches your muscles on the underside of your toes and inhibits them from
working), and a wide toe box.