AvatarBrian Waiser

Thanks for the post.

When I do pushups I primarily have hands aligned with shoulders, hands straight (so not turned in our out), and I go chest to ground. Whats wierd is when I hold on to parallettes or Kettlebells it doesn’t hurt. Makes me think it has something to do with wrist flexion (no pain in wrists though).
I have been doing acupuncture, ultrasound, massage, and some resistance bands which seem to give me progress in the right direction. The pain is not there without doing things. I can do more pushups without pain now after not doing them for a while, but I am sort of nervous to do more because of a possible flare up, and it just feels like something is still there.
I just started stretching and doing ART for the scalenes and when I hit pressure points I feel it shooting into my arm around the elbow. Not pain, but just a referral pattern of some irritation or something. Could be tight scalenes causing the whole pile.
Thanks again for the response.