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AvatarScott Tricarico

Hey Jack,

You’re more or less right but keep in mind that “screwing your feet into the ground” isn’t the end goal.  The end goal is externally rotation the hip/femur.  Just like saying “knees out” isn’t really the goal, it’s just a good cue for making sure you/the athlete is rotating the hip/femur and tightening up the hip capsule.
I say that because some athletes I work with have too much rotation at the knee and can drive their knees out or screw their feet into the ground without actually affecting the hip.  If you feel a “wound up” or tight sensation in the hip you’re doing it right.  
Also a tip: make sure your trying to maintain that sensation throughout the movement.  That includes the descent, bottom and ascent.   You shouldnt have to “drive out” at the top, if you maintained ER torque, it should happen automatically.