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AvatarAndrew Hunter

Wow! Thanks for all the links.  This will keep me busy for awhile.  

My form on the treadmill the day I blew out my back was suspect for sure as I was doing sprints at 12% incline…. stupid me!
Outside of that my running form is pretty good and I’m constantly trying to improve or refocus it.  I’m a mid foot striker with good cadence.  
My “current” form is probably not the best as I’m out of balance with leg power and flexibility from sciatica.  
I rowed my first half mary last night but my drive with the legs never feels equal from side to side.  My left calf cramped up badly with 2500m to go.  Fought through it but today I’m hobbled a bit.
I rarely sleep on my back as it is very painful unless I put several pillows under my legs.  I sleep on my side with a pillow between my knees which helps some.