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AvatarAndrew Woodruff

Well, finally. I think I am now on the road to becoming better.
I saw another person today, and I got a really really good impression.
He did a lot of weird tests and at the same time jammed his fingers right into my pec minor, neck, posteriour shoulder and other stuff. I got a good impression because the areas that he looked at and what he said resonates well with what I’ve learned here on mwod.

Key points:

* My platysma muscle appearantly is insanely tight
* So is my pec minor
* And my posterior shoulder

He said that I am evenly strong on both sides, HOWEVER, on the right side the muscles are not working as they are supposed to do, meaning some muscles have been compensating for the lack of function of others.

So he jammed his fingers and knuckles right into my business, punched me a little here and there and mobilized my neck and ribs and other stuff. I’m due for another appointment next week and he said he believes I will notice improvement in my symptoms within a month.

Edit: Now, one curious thing is he asked me if I had ever been involved in gymnastics. I haven’t, and I didn’t ask why he wondered, but now I’m curious.