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AvatarJesse Glushefski

    Hi Kaitlin,

    No one is really sure how it originated. It started about 1.5 years ago while bench pressing. It mainly just started as a pain radiated through the left chest. The first person I saw suggested that when I had Shingles in that region about 8 months prior that I changed my pattern of movement (pulling my shoulder forward and in bc my armpit and that region of my chest ached constantly). He suggested that this just continued and eventually led to the inward shoulder, winged scapula, tight pec minor cascade of destruction that apparently is very common. For a while this guy (a Physical Therapist) was able to make some changes with manual therapy and home stretching, but it always came back. I saw him for 4 months until my insurance ran out, the problem came back 3 months later. I am currently seeing a chiro that deals in manual therapies.. he makes immediate change, but nothing permanent. I do all my home stretching and a lot of smashing and such ala KStar. I am working on keeping the spine neutral, chin back, crown of head high, shoulders back and down… but if change is happening it is really slow going. I will watch the links you provided.. thanks for the response!