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AvatarNathan Richer

if you get x-over, i would start lower than normal to make sure your form is perfect. also start with slower, deliberate movements. watch your shoulders out of the corners of your eyes and make sure they are doing the right thing and not drifting forward as you pull back the cables back.

there seems to be also some disagreement and/or new information about pinching the shoulder blades at the end of the movement as they describe. it sounds like the new crowd considers pinching the shoulder blades at the end can encourage poor scapula movement patterns. i’m kind of a convert to the new crowd so i ignored the x-over instruction of pinching at the end of each movement/rep. i only move to where i can keep my shoulder in the right place for that particular move and not more, until i get used to it and then can move more. and i don’t pinch the shoulder blades at the end.  i did this until i worked up to full range with perfect form. then i jumped up to the next level of cords.
otherwise, im trying to do this for 5 min each day in the mornings and it has done wonders. my pec/pec minor/anterior delts feel so untight after the activation sequence of movements. the other part is keeping 200% attention on my shoulders when i stand/sit/move all day long and making lots of adjustments to my chairs and car seat.