Yup I do realize that rollerblading targets mainly the exterior hip area primarily. But I felt that keeping a steady stride with all 4 wheels really required the inner muscles for the front wheels. The primary driver/que was that I had to push down with my big toe to keep the front wheels stable on the ground. I thought that maybe just with the high frequency, this could help activate and strengthen the inner muscles. Especially if I focus on using those muscles over the others.

How do I know? Well, I’ve had knee problems for about the past 2 years – primarily aggrivated from volleyball and all the jumping. I have a wicked valgas knee issue combined with having a flat foot/arch drop problem that I’ve also been working on. I used to have HORRIBLE HORRIBLE squat form. Pretty embarrasing now that I know better. 😛  I got all the way to having PFS. I’ve come a long way and have decent form when doing squats and deadlifts, etc. But when I get back on the court and am jumping to spike or block, my bad motor control kicks back in and I know my legs aren’t doing what they should.

Also, when I do any kind of isolation strengthening with ham curls and leg extensions, it’s the inner muscles that are really slowing me down. I have to go down to about 35 pounds for each leg with the extensions and only about 10-15 pounds on the curls. This is where my VMO and inner hammies start to have trouble.

I do a ridiculous amount of smashing to just about everywhere on my legs since they have been the primary driver for my pain the past couple of years. I wouldn’t think that they would feel this way in the morning, but it has been getting better.