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AvatarKent Zelle

Thank you for the encouragement! I’ll check out those shoes!

Headed to a Pose Cycling instruction so I’ll update some key points that I learn.

Not sure on how to sit better. I have to stay upright to keep on my sits bones or my spine falls apart if I get lower and then I’m on my pubic bone (not fun- taco fuego!) I still have alot to gain in hamstring flexibility and hip flexors. My shoulders and upper back (both need better function and strength) like the upright posture. It looks a little dorkier than I’d like though 🙂 hehehe

To update, I’ve taken a huge jump into hiking (thanks husband 🙂 ) and after carrying 25-30lbs over 50miles or so, I’d say that carrying heavy stuff on your back is a supreme way of fitness. I’ve strengthened my hips, legs, back and shoulders, abs, etc… all by just walking up and down with heavy stuff on my back. not exactly the most fun of activities at first, but then I got a pack that fit like a dream (Boreas brand) and I loaded that sucker up and had a blast. I’m actually using it as part of my training daily health and fitness- 10lbs on short road rides, lunch on mtb and walks to the school bus for the kiddo. Haven’t hiked? Do it. Do it now! My posture on the bike has improved a ton after gaining certain strengths from loaded hikes. It feels almost too easy now 😉

Still A-OK with insoles, rearward cleats, and position. Not having a huge issue with asymmetry on the right leg and left shoulder. Changing how I use my body on a daily basis and focusing on flat pedals on the mountain bike for awhile helped. Maybe I’ll go back to flats on the road bike? (gasp!) Science says we can’t pull up right? That’s poor muscle chaining anyway, right? (take the bait!)

Working deeper into stretching the hip flexors- couch stretches are actually paying off now. Mobility work and yoga is a daily must and post-workout thing. I can look back for traffic now better and really know my joints and muscles like they are my friends (on most days…).

Read a book called Squat Everyday and went with their suggestion of keeping out of the adrenaline response and doing more volume at a lower intensity and hitting it hard when I feel ilke it instead of just getting more tired. I’m responding MUCH better to this training instead of the “go hard and only go hard or go home” attitude. That put me out for DAYS. Now, if I don’t engage in physical activity and sweat, then I can sleep. Literally. I just lay there for hours and get this horrible sluggish thing the next day if I stop exercising for a few days. I eat like mad now, I have to exercise and then I can sleep. What all this about?! I like it.

Cheers to my fellow cyclists out there!