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AvatarJorge Branco

If you are still struggling with these issues, I know certified Wobble Naught fitters are taught to fit you to proper position as opposed to fitting to your weakness. They spend a lot of time on cleat position because where the ball of your foot is relative to your pedal does matter in terms of transfer of power- they are all about direct transfer of power; i.e. no wobble or as they say wobble naught. Lots of fitters position the cleat slightly ahead of the ball of the foot to accentuate the heel drop, which is not the best place to have your cleat. With respect to wanting to go lower, Wobble Naught also factors this in to ensure that your breathing is not compromised.

If you read through the wobble naught blog, you might find the answers to your fitting questions as the founder of the fit raises many of these issues. He has fit many top pro mountain bikers, including the Cannondale Sho Air team, Amanda Carey, Rebecca Rush….  http://wobblenaught.blogspot.com/

As an endurance athlete, tris, endurance road and mountain, I have struggled with all the issues identified in the cycling videos. Before I had a Wobble Naught fit, I had retul and a Serotta/FIST fit. All those fitters fit to my weakness and to make me more aero, which seemed great at the time. Unfortunately, after years of being in a bad position, I have had to pay the price with extensive time off the bike. Learning to ride the right the way takes practice and you constantly have to think about your posture. While not as easy as sitting back on your comfy saddle and hunching over to be more aero, you will be thankful in the long run because your spine and hips will stay healthy and you will also be able to tap into your powerful glutes!!