AvatarAustin LeForce

Hi Kaitlin thanks for your reply, i have watched the videos and webinar and they have been very useful . I have been regularly using a lacrosse ball to dig into my pec minor and musculature of my upper back on the right side before training. Apart from that, i have not done anything else to address my muscular symmetry. I train as a powerlifter, so it is difficult to make dramatic changes to my exercise programme. In an attempt to correct my muscular imbalances, i have tried using unilateral movements but it feels more like i simply cannot get the muscles on my right side to engage correctly as i am in a poor position. I have considered having ART to break down the scar tissue, as i feel that unless i get rid of the scar tissue i will never be able to set my shoulder back. Do u have any mobility recommendations i could try?