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AvatarPatrick Thomas

    There are many protocols you can use for recovery.
    Some depends on what you are recovering from.
    Daily training day i.e. post workout cool down
    training: strength work, metcon, cardio based workout

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    Community MWod Video: Linda Miller of VES Sports – Compression & Recovery

    Estim to flush an area using Marc Pro or Marc Pro Plus.
    There are placements to address most areas all over the body.
    The goal of post wod recovery is the
    normalization of tissue through the movement of nourishment and waste.

    IASTM is used to address multiple aspects of recovery. A coach, athlete, or practitioner can use HawkGrips as a tool for IASTM. HawkGrips are used to address soft tissue irregularities to improve range of motion and /or relieve pain.

    Cryotherapy is an a viable option if there is a facility in your area.

    A combination of recovery protocols can be used to address different aspects of a situation.
    Pairing mobility and movement with estim and/or IASTM has solid results.

    An active recovery day the activity selected needs to be restorative for
    that person. Its a great opportunity to work on a skill. The effort used
    should leave the person feeling energized not depleted.
    One example
    is a 15-20 minutes at 60-70% effort run, swim, airdyne or a 2K row. The pace is
    slower and conversational with a focus on efficient movement patterns.