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AvatarNathan Richer

I think a bit of detective work is in order, which is usually what happens when you start mobilizing.

As Kstarr says, you should test and retest.  In this case, your test is the deep squat. Then do one smash or mob.  Then go back into deep squat. Do you see a difference? Any improvement or positive change? If not, smash or mob something else.  Test again.
In your case, I would smash or mob one side first if you have some sort of asymmetry as evidenced by tightness on one side but not the other.
If you see positive change after a smash or mob, then you’ve probably hit on an area that requires more attention than others. 
Try to reset your pelvis. Go down into deep squat. do you still see the discrepancy?
Take a look at these:

try one, then go test deep squat. no change? toss it and move it on to the next one. repeat until you find something that makes a positive change.