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AvatarMatt Mayo

    Thank you for the replies. Definitely not my first run after time off (been at it 5+ days/week with some breaks for a few years). Looking back I can think of some possible contributors – I may have been compensating for some increasing tightness in the peroneal area of my right leg, and on this run I was trying to incorporate some running cues given to me by a coach during a gait analysis last week, which definitely altered my mechanics. I’m baffled though how at crippled i became several hours after what seemed like an uneventful (at the time) interval run. 

    Unfortunately my medical resources are limited to my military clinic primary care physician, who I already saw. All I got out of it was a prescription for ibuprofen, unremarkable x-ray, and the recommendation to “slow it down” and give it some time.

    My reason for wanting to treat this as aggresively as possible is the fact that I have a physically grueling, 3 month long military school starting in only 2 weeks and need to be as healthy as possible going into it.