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AvatarNathan Richer

    like you said, it depends on the situation and for most cases i’ve found non-electronic methods work just as well as electronic.  that’s what i meant by lacrosse ball is just as effective.  

    i used to go to an ART guy weekly when i raced ironman. he cleaned me up once a week enough to let me go out and train, and then tighten myself back up again.  but this was an era pre-mobilitywod.  after mwod appeared, i started doing things in there and realized that i can take care of or prevent 70-90% of things that my ART was working on by myself!  but there is still that 10-30% that i needed his help, depending on the area and situation.  
    it also depends on the person – for some reason, i’ve seen stuff not work on me but work amazingly well on other people.  for example my wife gets a tight neck and traps. i use the DMS on her and she gets immediate relief, tightness all gone. on my tight neck and traps, nada. gotta get in there with a gemini.  same area, but different situation and person.
    the nice thing in today’s world is that we have all this great info and technology available to us. i try to get as much as i can and then i can just try things on a certain condition until it works.  i always start with lacrosse balls, gemini, supernova, bands first, and then move up the technology chain from there. and if none of those help, it’s back to my ART guy!