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AvatarSam Gachupin

I have a torn fascia of the rectus femoris as well. It happened in 2003 while serving in the Army. I had conventional surgery (they went in and sewed it up) in December of that year which failed shortly after. In February of ’05 I went to a specialist in wisconsin, Dr. Caddy. He was supposed to be the guru of herniation at the time. He went in and wrapped my muscle with 4, 4×8 pieces of gortex mesh. Long story short here we are approaching 10 years and it’s still all jacked up. No feeling between my knee and hip on the exterior, except for ultra sensitive area around my incision. Nerves were damaged during the surgeries and it causes extreme pain in around the scar (keys in my pocket feels like a knife against my leg). Not to mention the fact that the mesh tends to itch…which I obviously can’t get to. To be honest I was better off before the 2 surgeries.