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Thanks, Tiger. The whole concept of poor mechanics has been a very common theme, and I’m definitely trying my best to figure out what was going on. My gait is excellent although I do believe there is a bit of muscular imbalance, poor mobility, and pelvic fault (lack of glute optimization) to blame. I’ll continue to focus upstream/downstream, as I know poor hip mobility could have been a contributing factor as well. 

I saw a very reputable PT and he basically told me to start exercising again, cautiously of course, and to focus on perfect form and to get my body used to moving again. My leg seem to be neurologically confused at times and I occasionally have strange convulsions during the night – my PT described this as my muscles being in protect mode and I need to focus on quad smashing/stretching routine to keep things relaxed.
I’ve been babying the issue, probably maybe too much, and my legs have gotten weak; I’m going to start ramping it up slowly while implementing a simple stretching/mobility routine.