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AvatarKatie Hemphill

Hey Sly,

The most important thing to figure out is why you developed tendinosis in the first place. What poor movement mechanic led to the chronic overload of this tissue and put you into this situation? Or was it an issue of too much loading, too soon, with not enough recovery? This is going to be critical in order for you to not find yourself right back here again.
My mobility advice would be to get on the quadriceps beat-down train, and clear stiffness through the thigh. Feed some slack into that quad tendon, and at least give it the chance to get out of constant loading and heal while you’re being treated.
Tendinosis, being more of a long-term tendon issue, is going to take some work to bounce back from, so hopefully your PT can help you motor through that. You’re going to need their special tools to actually get that tissue healthy, so don’t skimp on the treatment if you can help it.