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AvatarKyle Hiddleson

Wow. Thanks so much, man. This has been incredibly helpful.

Seems like I need:
  • Short term adjustments – weekly (ART, Graston, Chiro)
  • Medium-long term adjustments – daily (MWOD + more mindful training patterns)
  • Long term postural restoration (including proper breathing mechanics) – training + ongoing practice (Egoscue, Gokhale, PRI)
  • A doctor’s opinion (see a good physician)

A couple questions come up with this:

  1. How to identify a “good” practitioner in any of these areas? Should I expect to see immediate improvement? If I don’t, should I move on to someone else?
  2. What about Grey Cook / FMS-related stuff? Would this fall into the category of long term postural restoration? Am I covering this by training well and focusing on great form or should I see a specialist to help correct side-to-side imbalances?
  3. This seems like a major time commitment. I can train 3-5 times per week (gym). I can plan on a 1/2 hour session at home per day. And I can make time for one appointment a week. Any suggestions on how to fit it all in?
Any thoughts on all of that would be appreciated. If not, no problem. These are questions I can wrestle with too.
Once again, thanks for everything, David!