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AvatarKyle Hiddleson


#1 – Makes sense. I am really putting a lot of time into bodyweight only stuff right now, so we’re on the same page.
#2 – Possible. I haven’t had MRI. I did have an x-ray about a year ago when hip pain first started and everything looked good.
#3 – I could do more couch stretch. I was doing the banded version, since my quads were so messed up. I had a ton of knee pain in couch stretch. This is calming down a bit, but I need to keep smashing my quads and also doing the anterior hip openers.
#4 –  I like MWOD a lot for several reasons: 1) it is empowering, 2) it seems to tie together many “loose ends” into a cohesive whole that makes a lot of sense to me. My gut tells me that one area that is weak for me (that MWOD doesn’t really address very well) is breathing.

Re: which methods have practictioners close to you?
Will research this. Also, I should say that I know Egoscue pretty well, so my thoughts are to stick with that, combined with MWOD + Gokhale stuff. I need to learn more about breathing as well, so will look into some of the stuff you mentioned above (PRI, DNS).
Re: fill in with things like ART, graston and weekly chiro treatments to address the short term pain issues until you improve your posture.

What are the differences between these three in your opinion? Would love to hear your perspective on this.