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AvatarKyle Hiddleson

Hey David. Thanks for the response.

Wanted to open this up again. I am a MWOD Pro subscriber now and have been learning a lot and working through various sequences. I am also doing a lot of Category 1 movements at the gym (box squats, ring pushups, deadlifts, pull ups, working on front rack position). Seeing massage therapist with more regularity.
My hip pain has been reduced by quite a bit, and now I’ve got persistent back pain. The hip rotation is still there. The lordosis (overextension in lumbar) is still there, but stabilizing.
I’d like to target the hip rotation problem and so will refocus on the the ep. 128 stuff, BUT…
What professionals could I see to help me with this? Is this hip repositioning thing the territory of a chiro? Physio? Osteopath? If not, who?
Also – what sort of “disciplines” would the ideal person be able to instruct me in? PRI? Egoscue? Etc….