AvatarNathan Richer

I just got back from seeing Roop and I feel for you.

He told me my iliacus and psoas were way tight and my femur head was poorly positioned for certain angles of flexion. Roop checked a bunch of angles and flexion/internal rotation at hip was terrible. The MWOD things he did to me were:

1. Psoas release with fingers, but i get to do it with KB handle – likely Supernova is too big for me. Can do KB on lacrosse ball, then i can press in with knee up, then while pressing extend leg down.

2. Iliacus release – wow painful with his fingers jammed in there! This one will probably require me laying on a KB handle for likely 10-20 min.

Then he did some Roop magic. Basically he would pick an angle, then put his weight on my knee to push the femur head to the rear of the socket and then move it around. Definitely a lot of painful places where pinching was happening, but he managed to work it nearly good except for maybe the extreme range of IR and flexion. i would not recommend trying this. you could really mess something up. he also tested my labrum and there was definitely irritation there which could have been worse if someone who wasn’t Roop tried this. Did your chiro or PT do this? i have never seen this before. i’m guessing not.

my home prescription is:

smash psoas, iliacus, glutes, TFL (yes my flexor wad is tight too). need to work on psoas and iliacus a lot more.

set femur head to back of socket, but move body over the knee so that you’re like in pigeon pose, bending body over the knee to the outside. only keep lower leg not rotated externally but either straight or slightly IR. this is similar to mob called Hip Capsule External Rotation in BSL. distract with band if possible. sorry hard to describe this one.

couch stretch

he then showed me a variant of shinbox. i sit down with feet about squatting width, knees bent 90 deg. then let one knee drop to the outside, while keeping heel in the same place. try to get as low as possible. then move the knee to the inside while maintaining foot location but try to touch the knee to opposite leg. repeat with other leg. hard as hell for me!

variant on above – do this while squatting which i think i saw in a Daily MWOD once. get in deep squat position. move one knee to touch the other knee or leg if possible.

another practice only with bodyweight – squat down but do it trying to bring the knees together in the center. this practices IR in squatting. never to be used with weight, but just an expression of accessible body position – which i don’t have! ugh!