AvatarKristian Klausen

Thanks for the response!

And I’ve worked on ALL of that consistently for the past 3 months, and in times of desperation even spending 10-15 minutes per leg going through distractions at different angles, I’ve limited my time sitting as much as possible, dramatically changed my posture… I’ve improved hamstring range, hip external rotation, and hip extension pretty substantially, however if I go after hip flexion or adduction with any Mwod techniques I notice no change no matter the duration or intensity I mobilize with. When I go into standing hip flexion and reach 90 degrees it almost feels like my hip flexor muscles are just in the way- like they’re too tight to continue pulling my leg up (or too weak). When I spend time sitting they get so tight that it almost hurts to try and flex past 90 with no assistance and the couch stretch becomes an immediate necessity. I’ve also had 2 chiropractors and 1 PT all do 2-3 minutes psoas releases and we still can’t get results out of either leg. My internal rotation is 0 as well and my feet turn out when I squat. I’ve been able to mitigate that through improving external rotation to some degree, however being unable to claim any more adduction or flexion is about to drive me insane! We’ve got several guys at our box with similar issues. Any other ideas?? Or should we just keep at it?