AvatarNathan Richer

for the first diagnosis, i would work on hip flexion because it sounds like you lack it. do you have a MWOD PRO account? many of the good videos are not free. the exercises would be:

Gut Smash with Supernova or large ball – to either side of the ab muscles to hit the psoas.
Couch Stretch:
Front of the hip; lower leg | Feat. Kelly Starrett | Ep. 29 | MobilityWOD 


Recover Your Anterior | Feat. Kelly Starrett | Ep. 235 | MobilityWOD 

Smash the top of quad with a roller – this hits the rectus femoris which also has hip flexing function – you can start with a foam roller but i think you’ll want to move to something harder and with smaller radius like a battlestar small or the metal TP massage roller or a barbell soon.
Set the femur head to the back of the socket:
see around 3:10 – you can use a band to distract at the hip out to the back or side.
before you mobilize, get into a rowing position and see how your pelvis is positioned. then pick a mob to do – do it for 2 min on each side. then retest your rowing position. did it improve?
you should also work the hamstrings and glutes as well.  
some other rowing videos: