AvatarSpencer Rudey

Cool thanks Kait
I still felt good the next day almost back to norm
Then I went to the gym and did all sorts of rolling around on a foam roller and stretching and I still felt good
Then I carried some cement bags down to the garage
I didn’t feel anything but later I could feel the tightness around my stomach is back
Not as bad but its back
I felt around my upper abs and if I tense them I can feel a vertical line of muscle form right in the middle
So I googled that and found all this info on the rectus abdominus muscle
And how that can separate in people!
I can’t feel any gap and its not sticking out but I can feel this line of muscle clearly
If I push into that I can feel that tightness feeling worsen
This is right where my problem feels too
And apparently those medicine ball situps are a test to indicate damage to this muscle
There is no way I could do even 1 rep now, where I could do 50 before
So I was wondering if you have some videos on this muscle specifically

Any tips appreciated
Thanks David D