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AvatarBailey Martinez

Last year I read a lot of good things about it. This year I’ve seen some research referenced that shows PRP/Prolo therapy doesn’t do as much good as advertised.

This is what I asked myself: “What does Prolo therapy do?”

PRP specifically brings platelet rich plasma to the injured area. PRP is already found in blood. So if I can bring new fresh blood to the area, aren’t I accomplishing the same thing? If I can do so multiple times a day in conjunction with mobilizing the area – doesn’t this do an even better job? 

If I do Astym or Graston and combine that with voodoo flossing, I feel that I’m doing the latter.

For how much prolotherapy costs – I just think  you get more bang for your buck with the other, less invasive, options that are out there.

I’m curious to hear others’ thoughts. Prolotherapy doesn’t have a whole lot of literature out on the internet – so the more feedback we can get, the better.