AvatarPatrick Thomas

Great to hear you have read Becoming A Supple Leopard and Ready to Run.
Have you identified what is causing the hamstring pull?
Are you working up and down stream of the hamstring?
Continue doing what is working.
Yes, you can do the banded distraction each night. It can help unload the impact of the activities of the day.
10-15:00 minutes of mobility a work a day is the goal. Keep it to 2-3 items a session.
Identifying the cause of the hamstring pull is key.
If the cause is not corrected it will continue to occur.
Have you voodoo flossed any part(s) of your hamstring?

The hamstrings act at both the hip and knee joint.
Do you have full knee flexion and full hip extension?
A couple episodes to check out.
Episode 218: Mum, Dad, Don’t Stretch That, It’s Evil…

Episode 234: Improve Your Proximal Hip Mobility and Nerve Tunnels
Episode 249: Improving Hip Extension (And Internal Rotation) for Running
Episode 281: Runner’s Legs and Hip Extension

Yes, situations you are addressing can be resolved when the cause of the issue is addressed.