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AvatarNathan Richer

I think your t-spine mobility depends on a lot of things. some of these things like your normal daily posture during standing and sitting can confound any work to mobilize that part of your spine. there could be structural issues too, like the discs shrinking in that area due to previous damage which could inhibit mobility. and then there are poor movement patterns which can lock your spine back up just when you loosen it up.

I think you should go at it as if you can mobilize it, but you should also think about it as a 24/7 problem and not just the 2 min you lay on a Gemini. if your scapulae are winging, it could be because you are extended in the t-spine where many people get locked into the pattern of sticking their chest out in front. this reverses the natural slightly kyphotic curve of the t-spine and accentuates winging. but this also causes t-spine problems since the spine is not aligned properly there. so making sure your posture is 100% neutral 24/7 is a crucial part of mobilizing the entire body.
good luck on this and report back on your progress!