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AvatarNathan Richer

hey guys, i sense two questions here. one is t-spine mobility work, and the 2nd is how to deal with scapula winging.

for t-spine mobility work, i would run a gemini or double lacrosse ball up and down the spine. lay on it and rock fwd and back, repeating at each segment. you may feel adjustments at some segments. 
there are also movement based t-spine mobility work to try. one of my favorites is the Bretzel:
there are versions of this rotation in quadraped position, and also in squat position. all are good to try.
for winged scapula, i would find a specialist to help you if you can. usually it requires another person to look at your scapula positioning since it’s hard to see behind your back when you’re doing exercises. 
real solutions usually involve diaphragmatic breathing, postural correction, and then motor control re-education of your shoulder complex to stabilize and use the scapula properly as your arm goes through movements.
you should know that i love crossover symmetry, but if you are pulling the cables with incorrect scapular movements, you’re reinforcing bad habits, and potentially you could hurt yourself with them. also note that i disagree with the squeezing of the scapula together at the end of crossover symmetry movements as they recommend in their videos. this is the conflict between the old and new thinking. the old world had you squeezing the shoulder blades together. but the new thinking has come from that creating more problems where you imprinted poor scapular movement like squeezing the scapula together at the end of movements which causes them to lift off the rib cage.
Evan Osar has some great videos on the subject on YT:
a great DVD on the subject is by Sue Falsone:
good luck with this. it is worthy goal to get your scapulae stuck back on your ribcage. but it could take a long time, but worth the time you spend to do it.