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David, so you are saying if you can get your knee past your toes then that is enough ROM for the squat? Interesting.

I think the only thing most people are behind schedule on is the smashing.  I think that is the hardest part because in reality the only way to smash is to have a super friend and those are hard to come by.  If I get my girlfriend to put pressure on me with the super nova on my quad I receive a much more intensive pressure that is much more worth my time.  It seems as though your own body weight is only enough for basic maintenance.  To get past major restrictions you need someone else working on you.  
Banded work for internal and external rotation only works so far because I can feel the muscle stiffness more so then capsule restriction.  I really can’t come past the idea that banded distractions are more important then smashing.  I think it is the opposite.