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AvatarNathan Richer

re: squat bracing vs. unbraced

probably the lower descent is because you totally relaxed and i’m guessing your posture isn’t great although you could relax and get lower.
re: ankle DF
at the expense of making this thread go too long 😉 – are you familiar with test/retest? in the case of ankle DF, it’s always a bit of detective work to figure out what is really wrong. so you would start looking up and down stream for the next thing to try to mob or smash or both.  have you done this with your ankle yet? pick something else to smash – feet, heel cord, calf, posterior tib, anterior tib, around the bottom of inside of ankle bone – pick only one, smash it a bit for the requisite amt of time ie. 2 min, then test your ankle DF again. any difference? pick another one – smash, test, repeat.