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AvatarNathan Richer

ha yeah i hate docs of any sort. not all chiros are bad but make sure you find a good one who isn’t just your yellow pages chiro but someone who is also a trained PT or sports med person.

to be honest, how you evaluated your ankle range isn’t the best. usually it’s done one ankle at a time and kneeling down on one knee, other leg up, and with a pole held vertically against the inside edge of your foot to prevent your knee from drifting in. you then shift forward to demonstrate your ankle DF range, while moving the knee to the outside of the pole which prevents the arch from collapsing.  if you have good form, you probably can do this without the pole.  also you must keep your heel on the ground as well.
you can also put your foot up on a bench/stool and then lean forward. i often do ankle DFs that way because it’s more convenient. you can also distract with a band there too. putting it up on a stool/bench will also impart less pressure on the knee which may be good in some cases.
so if you measure ankle range this way, how far can you get your knee forward of your foot? if you can get your knee past your toes, likely you have enough range for now and it could be something else upstream that is causing problems.
another thing to try from another thread. roop turned me on to this. before you descend, organize yourself. get in good posture position and brace 20% in the torso and in the glutes – glutes is important to tilt your pelvis posteriorly to neutral. this will also give you space to descend into or else you’ll be pre-disposing yourself to run up against the pelvis with the femurs. then with everything tight, screw your legs outward into ext rotation and descend. if you do your squat this way, is it better or worse?