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AvatarNathan Richer

    just curious – when you do ankle dorsiflexion/ankle mobs, how far can you get your knee forward of your toes?  also have you tried doing the same mob with foot up on a stool/chair/etc.? this can alleviate your knee feeling by removing a lot of weight but still allowing you to do the movement. this can be done with/without band.

    you may also want to find a chiro/PT to release your ankles manually. they may be locked up, and most likely chronically.
    for adductors, these are my favorite smashes and mobs:
    (hmm getting weird vimeo error there, hope it clears up)

    supernova in the adductor FTW!

    all those appearances of the word “tight” kinda concern me.  might be time to take a week off and do only smashing and mobs to see if you can get all that to calm down…