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AvatarElyse Waters

Here’s what I know, below the hip:

  • Sliding surfaces around the ankle/heel = OK
  • Slightly tight and sore gastroc, no change after mobilization.
  • Bonesaw, I notice that the tissues are sore, but my ankle flexion doesn’t change.
  • Working on the heel (sides), super sore, still no change.
  • Ankle mob with lateral band distraction: Here I can feel the tightness (I don’t feel anything with the other banded distraction mobs, except impingement when the band is at the front), but I don’t see any difference after 2-3 min. I’m always making sure my ankle isn’t collapsed. And my knee feels like it’s about to explode in full knee flexion when doing this mob.
  • Tight adductors –  when I do the banded olympic wall squat to work on my adductors I heally have to struggle to keep my feet straight, after 5 min my adductors are shaking 😛
  • Tight, scarred down hamstring – don’t think that got anything to do with it.
  • Tight quads
  • My feet have good arches, no collapsing.
Basically everything feels sore and slightly stiff, but I don’t see any changes after working on the different pieces. When I do the ankle wall mobilization I feel like I just hit a wall – no impingement pain – I just stop and I cant push further no matter what position.
I’ve addressed the tightness in my gastroc, adductors, hamstrings, heel cord, quads, ant./pos. tibialis; but it wasn’t until I started working more on the hip capsules I noticed difference in the squat. (I check my ankle flexion seated by pointing my toes toward me, though.)

I must be doing something wrong…