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The concept behind this whole mobility thing is that we are dealing with a “system”.  You have to get your brain involved (movement patterns) and you have to make sure your tissues are not stiff.  For her it seemed she was able to squat while maintaining an arch while thinking about it.  For some people (me) Even if I think about the correct pattern it is hard to get into the position.  In this sense my tissues are stiff.

Kelly definitely did massage her and took the stiffness out of her tissues before hand.  Once you gain the new range of motion there probably is a strength issue at play after.  The more you wire your brain for the pattern the more strength that is built up.  
Dave listed a few exercises that help reinforce optimal ankle mechanics
I think it is important to program a mobility session addressing stiffness, capsule, and movement patterns.
1.) you should be smashing all the parts of your foot, calves, and shins
2.) banded distractions on your ankles while maintaining stable arch
3.) Use those gymnastic exercises to reinforce correct mechanics with new range of motion.  
Rinse and repeat consistently.