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AvatarSophie Ker

Generally speaking, banded distraction stuff that is working on joint capsules and whatnot is probably good to do before workouts. If you’re restricted in a necessary position, clear up that stuff ahead of time. Then, for warming up, just practice the movement.

Laying on a lacrosse ball and other soft tissue stuff is best for afterwards. It’s a sort of downregulation, is related to parasympathetic responses, etc. Similarly, muscle lengthening stuff is probably best for afterwards as well; “new range is sketchy range.” You don’t want to “lengthen your hamstrings” and then go PR your deadlift, because you don’t necessarily want to expose these new ranges to such forces right away. Just some thoughts there. In fact, I often like to do soft tissue work and then follow it up with muscle lengthening work, thinking, “Well, I’m softened up the tissues, they’re free, now let’s show them where to go.”