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AvatarPatrick Thomas

    The ankle pain could result from the changed position from your bunion.

    Any plan to have the bunion corrected? It may be at the point where it needs to be corrected due to the compensations resulting from the changed positioning.
    My mom had hers corrected many years ago and not had a problem following.

    Have you used anything besides a lacrosse ball?
    Recommend using a Yoga Tune Up/Tune Up Fitness therapy plus ball. They have grip which move the tissue.
    A couple episodes to start with:
    Free Your Heel, Free Your Mind
    Ankle Positional Fault Fix: Jill Miller Style
    Achillies tenderness can originate from a tight calf.

    Achillies pain can originate from a tight calf. The achillies and calf are interconnected tightness in one can result in tightness in the other. Work up stream at the calf. There are several episodes/daily M|Wod which address the calf. Desensitize the achillies using a Leopard Claw or other tool.