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AvatarBryan Jackson

John any tenderness in the anterior shoulder?  Bicipital tendon? Pec? Anterior Deltoid? or Sub Scap?  I have had many Crossfit patients that present with some posterior pain but really hurt while trying to perform similar lifts like bench, dips, snatch, most overhead stuff and even pushups.  We have had pretty good success working the pec, Sub Scap, Anterior and Middle Delt, and mostly the long head of biceps.  Most of our athletes are dealing more with anterior impingement than posterior.  Too much tight tissue in the front.  I’m finding a lot of these guys have some pretty bad basic posture to start with not to mention some poor mechanics on almost all the lifts.  They are just ripping apart their shoulders and it finally catches up with them.  Then they(me too) want to be back in 2 to 3 days.  May take some time for him to rebuild from ground up and allow some time to heal.  Just a thought.  Keep me posted.