AvatarNathan Richer

Yes pain and discomfort in the beginning, but it should lessen as you get the tissue to change. It’s been my experience that if the pain/discomfort doesn’t lessen, something in you is not ready for more change just yet. It could be mental – Roop once told me to relax when he “superfriended” my lats with his heel – it hurt like hell but as i forced mental relaxation to accept the pressure, the pain slowly subsided. And I was not sore afterwards.  

I know that there are some significant time limits, but I have found that change can happen in as little 20-30 seconds, or as much as over many days/weeks.  And unfortunately as you discovered, if you push past some limit in your tissues, you create trauma and are really sore afterwards.

If you are a little sore, that’s OK. but if you’re too sore, it could limit you from working out until the soreness subsides somewhat.  It’s a hard balance to achieve and takes time to know how long you can work a part of your body with a certain method before you have to stop.