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A couple episodes to check out to hit the things you mentioned.
Pro Episode # 45 – Pro user Request Friday: The Dread Piriformis Syndrome (Like the Dread Pirate Roberts…but Different)
Piriformis is a small muscle in your pelvis that lies over top of your sciatic nerve. This can put pressure of the sciatic nerve.
Episode 15: You Must Defeat The Evil Chair Part 1
Episode 36: Spinal Mobility; Box Squat Groin Torture; Spine Rot/Adductor Stretch
Always Be Mobilizing: Parkour Mob? Or Mob-Nat?
The QL Is NOT a Bone…Even in THE Matt Chan
Creating a Stable Low Back with Better Hip Mechanics
An additional resource for your low back Jill Miller has some quick fix videos that hit areas another way.
A link for a free quick fix  you can get others for a small fee.