AvatarNathan Richer

It is possible that your internal rotators of the leg at the hip are tight and are rotating your whole legs inward. Do you see your knees pointing inward or are they straight or pointing outward?  

Try smashing the internal rotator muscles at the hip: adductors, TFL –  also do hip work in external rotation with a band.  do the external rotation test in this video:

how far can you go? try the hip opener in the video.

some of the better smash videos of adductors and TFL are with PRO membership. Do you have one?

i would also use smashing as a search tool – use a supernova or equivalent and smash all up and down your quads/hams/outside of legs. smash your posterior tibialis, anterior tibialis, ankle, heel cord, calf.  any tender spots? there could be other restrictions that are causing your feet to rotate inward and favor that position.

if there are tender spots, then they are targets for further smash work.

this may also help:

as a bonus, some good running videos:

Knee pain on stairs and hills
you should also check out Nate Helming at Helming Athletics. I think his videos on running are among the best around.