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AvatarScott Sohr

Hey David, so far I’ve watched maybe half of the videos you’ve linked and I tried some of the exercises. I am definitely dehydrated, which doesn’t help, but that’s changing, and I do sit too much. I’m not sure but maybe my plantar fascia are tight. I do get foot cramps sometimes. I am targeting the psoas too. As for the hips, I can rotate them and do the pigeon pose and that airport exercise with ease (I do yoga). I bend forward easy when standing or sitting with legs together, but when legs are apart, I sort of halt at 45 degrees and cannot go any further, which is what made me think there is something funny going on with the hips. Man I wish I could X-ray my body mechanics like Kelly does 😀 

I am going to get the foam roller and balls, definitely. I saw people use it in the gym but I had no idea how to work it – now I know. 
The videos from the Gymnastics WOD are awesome too! 
I am new to this site so I was a bit hesitant to ask for help, because insiders do not often have patience for newbies, so I really appreciate your help, David
I’ll keep working on it.