AvatarNathan Richer

hmm gotcha. i am amazed that he would setup pigeon-toed and attempt a lift. once someone told you you were pigeon toed, wouldn’t you at least look or glance down and readjust your feet every time? if he were missing some essential self awareness where he simply did not in the heat of trying to complete a WOD, that would be something good to build.  

also if he tried a lift that way, i am surprised that the rest of his body and limbs would even let him complete any semblance of a lift with toes pointed inward. it could be extremely dangerous… in that sense, that coach would be correct. if you want to increase your ability or weight, you’re gonna have to change to optimal positioning or you’re gonna eat it. OTOH some active guidance of his pigeon toed problem couldn’t hurt and potentially speed up his adaptation in a more safe fashion….