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AvatarDeven Williams

FWIW: I’m doing sitting leg extensions while holding a 6″ ball between my knees. [the adductors need to fire before the VMO [so I’m told].] Single straight leg dead lifts with a kettle bell and straight leg dead lifts off a box with a barbell for my gluteus/hamstrings. I’m also doing the work from #272

I too am super tight in the same areas as you with hamstrings like steel cables. They are improving at a rate that kills me but then again it took 56 years to get them as tight as they are so I shouldn’t expect results overnight.
Sitting on a lacrosse ball under my hamstrings and hunting around for those evil spots and then flossing/knee extensions 100 time per leg daily really seems to help. Not just extending my leg but really trying to feel the flossing makes a huge difference in the effectiveness.