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Hi Ali, 

I was diagnosis with this condition after a grade 2 sprain playing soccer in April. I tired conservative treatment for three months. However the tendon would still dislocate. I wasn’t able to do any high impact physical activity with out it dislocating after the initial three months of treatment. I decided to get the surgery on August 20th, the surgeon deepened the fibular groove and repaired the retinaculum. The good thing is my tendon wasn’t torn which would’ve made my recovery a lot longer. As a side note, its important not to push it while you have this condition you run the risk of tearing the tendon thus making the condition worst. As far as the surgery is concerned, it was pretty straight forward. I was in a splint for three days, in a walking boot with crutches for two weeks to let the skin heal. After the two weeks I was walking without crutches. I started lifting and jugging two weeks ago, smashing the calf and voodoo flossing the ankle has been gotten most of my range of motion back, only slight stiffness on the incision. I also started practicing two weeks ago and the ankle feels great. This condition can be quite frustrating, if you can get the surgery, do it, it will save a lot of stress and anxiety over not being able to do what you like to do. I hope this helps if you have any question about my surgery and recovery feel free to ask.