AvatarKent Zelle

Update: so it’s been 10 days and I’m happy to say that with ABSOLUTE REST! and no nsaids, taping to inhibit the peroneals and some dorsiflexion (very stiff ankles!), heat pads for two hours a day or more… (LOVE the relaxing heat- it loosened up my lower leg and foot) and some mild gentle yoga stretching of my hip capsules to keep my knees, hips and legs from getting tight from all that ankle stiffness…THEY ARE IMPROVING!

I’m happy to report that I progressed through to removing the tape, gradually feeling the spasms and the dislocation reduce to a minimum.

 I’m not back to walking as exercise but I can walk about 1 mi to son’s bus stop and only feel my legs warm and not tighten. GOOD!

I tried to gently roll out some trigger point areas on the lower legs (ouch!) and was successful in releasing alot of knots and gaining more ROM without irritation to the injured area. I marked the points with a Sharpie marker and am keeping an eye on which is getting tight again or not. Very interesting.

I am working to strengthen my feet and adductors, inverters and internal rotators. This seems to be helping my feet or atleast not aggravating it too much. Yesterday was an increase in foot strengthers and I have a little bit of imflammation near the dislocation are today. Not pain, but I can move my toes around and feel the ropy feeling. Taking it easy. Feet and low legs feel better though.

We’ll see if this sticks and I can maybe ride the bike or jog like 25 feet in a few weeks.