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AvatarKent Zelle

Thanks for the reply Kristian. I’m unsure what to do and yes, dealing with the frustration of not knowing if it’s will heal on its own ofr not. I guess if ‘m not in pain then I can rest and see if I’m one of the few that can heal on my own. I didn’t acutally injure or sprain it so I assume my issue is a chronic breakdown from tight peroneals and something finally gave. My right foot is also really twingy and weird like the left was before it brokedown. Great. I guess I had this coming. I’ve found that once you think you know something or are mastering one areas, then you get hurt or bonk in another. The journey of fitness, huh? I sound like such a fatalist. LOL Now I’m wiser. Just to figure out the way through this now. ( I actually have this strange recollection of this happening to me as a kid- no pain but knobby tendons on this same leg. I think I fell of a horse or got stepped on. Can’t remember exactly.)

Heat REALLY REALLY helps relieve all the tight knots and spasms. Thank God for heating pads and athletic tape. I haven’t iced. No swelling. No pain with normal, mild, low impact walking and unavoidable stairs. Just some funny spasms and tension. Today, I’m sitting on my ass and eating junk food in front of the TV all day though. For like 2 more days too. (ok, organic veggies and dip. I am TRYING to be lazy…)

Really not looking forward to being off my feet- my job requires that I’m on my feet all day training dogs and the chores accompanying them. On a monthly rotation cycle, I’d be out of business for an entire cycle! Ouch to my pocketbook… or my ankle. Only time will tell. Maybe I can plan the surgery around a “quiet” time in life. Then go insane since I’d be trying to do- like, yoga or something to keep myself busy- with a boot on. I’m picturing this. Laughing already! How’d you keep yourself from going crazy!?