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AvatarKatie Hemphill

David Shen, layin’ down wisdom FMS style.

Yeah, Daniel, if the hip (or t-spine, etc) restrictions in squatting are significant enough then the individual could indeed find themselves unable to squat properly with the heel raised. They still might be able to squat down in a general sense, but lack many of the indicators of quality that we’re looking for in a strength and conditioning environment, like midline stability (flat lower back, braced core, etc).

It could, of course, have a lot to do with motor control issues in the squat, which is a big part of what the FMS is screening. You give some general guidelines on how to perform the screen, but the movements are not coached. I believe what would constitute a score of “1” on the FMS, which means the movement is not suitable to be trained, would be failure to keep the angle of the trunk and arms parallel to the shins throughout the range of motion, which would be what happened if the back rounded.

With the FMS deep squat screen you also have to consider overhead mobility as well, so interpreting the screen results involves comparing the movements in the screen for overarching issues. So, if someone failed both their deep squat AND shoulder mobility screens (scored a 0 – pain, or a 1 – super lousy movement), you might find fixing one aids the other.