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I am not an expert, but I may be dealing with the same issue but on the opposite side.  My right side is twisted forward and thus my left side is twisted back.   

I am attributing my issue with a tight T-spine (on right side) and internally rotated shoulders   That translates to a tight  Rightside QL, which might be the main problem and thus leads to the list below.  
Left side (back story with me is I think I have a hernia in my left quad) I would imagine that I would have compensation issues with it but Roop and the gang don’t think so.
Left hamstring becomes tighter
Left hip SEEMS more flexible especially with knee tracking on outside of pinky toe, however, my left side external rotation is lacking.
Left glute max inhibits/weakens as well.  
QL is not as tight as my right side
Erector spinae seems pretty clean for me, I can have a peanut with a 45lb plate without any pain.  
Right side
Right hamstring more flexible
More muscle mass in Quad and glute max
Right hip is tighter.  I can’t speak for my illacus, but I do gut smash with the supernova and then put lacrosse ball on ql.
Activated, stronger glute max as well.
I don’t heel strike mainly because I am very light and careful on my feet.